LPN program.

Okay, my program starts in 4 weeks. Soooo excited! 
I bought white shoes for clinical. I’m going to try and get pink leopard laces, because my shoes are so ugly I can’t stand it.
wish me luck<3


My first step

So, I never really knew what I wanted to do. Psychologist-full scholarship to university with aide, sports, and my gpa. Great? No, I change my mind. End up at a community college for business  No, that won’t cut it. Change my major- nursing. I am taking my first step jumping forward to my LPN. I just found I was accepted to BOCES for the adult LPN program. I am only 19 so I will be one of the youngest. My ultimate goal is a to be a practioner. I want to work my way up through everything before blowing all my money away into a masters degree. Feel free to follow me and my quest to get there. :)